Uplifting Voices of Peace from Across India

Over 80 percent of Indians believe that respecting all religions lies at the core of their identity as Indians. At the same time, over two-thirds of Indian Hindus believe that one must be Hindu in order to be truly Indian. Less than 30 percent of Indian Hindus and Muslims say they have a lot in common — and yet, 77 percent of Hindus and Muslims alike believe in karma. 

How can we make sense of these contradictions? And how is India changing today? In order to answer these questions and more, Hindus for Human Rights and PAIGAM are excited to announce a new collaboration: Voices of Peace.

Over the next six months, our team of grassroots media professionals will bring you a series of eye-opening stories from across India, including video documentaries, written interviews, and photo essays.  We will travel across India to learn what everyday people think about democracy, religious identity, and the direction India is currently headed in. The first phase of our project will focus on Uttar Pradesh: India’s largest state, the site of many of India’s religious flashpoints, and a “test ground” for Hindu nationalist policies. 

The launch of this exciting grassroots media project coincides with the second anniversary of Hindus for Human Rights. Please donate generously so that we can continue advocating for pluralism, civil rights, and human rights for all.

Sunita Viswanath interviewed by Mehdi Hasan two nights ago