Marie-Eve Loiselle & Ayelet Shachar: Borders, bodies and see-all technologies / Nasim Ahmed: Calls to hold Israel and NSO Group Accountable for hacking scandal, as UAE role bulks large

Use of high-tech surveillance is on the rise: in a moment when controlling the spread of COVID-19 is paramount, a global regime of technologically enabled exclusion has been bolstered. But what might be the long-term implications of accepting being tracked before we even move?

‘Draw me a border, if you please’. What image comes to mind? Most of us might think of walls or barbed wire fences planted firmly on frontier locations. From the Great Wall of China to the Berlin Wall, fortified barriers have long served as symbols of sovereign control. Today, however, a new trend has emerged: the growth of invisible borders. These are borders that rely on sophisticated legal techniques to detach migration control functions from a fixed territorial location. The unmooring of state power from a fixed geographical marker has created a new paradigm: the shifting border….

Calls to hold Israel and NSO Accountable for hacking scandal, as UAE Role bulks Large

The global hacking scandal involving Israel’s notorious NSO Group has sparked fury around the world as the full extent of the industrial scale spying operation targeting politicians, academics and activists begin to emerge. As many as 50,000 phone numbers were said to have been targeted for surveillance by NSO Group’s client governments using the Israeli snooping technology, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia, an investigation by the Pegasus Project, a ground-breaking collaboration by more than 80 journalists from 17 media organisations in ten countries, found.

A fuller picture of the hacking related to Monday’s data leak is beginning to emerge with the UAE featuring heavily, in a scandal that has prompted serious questions about the threat posed to democracy by the NSO spyware known as Pegasus…

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