Sarover Zaidi: The Gift of Food

On a normal day, the Grand Trunk (Karnal) road is a highway running northwards from Delhi. Cutting through flashes of fields, small roadside villages, food stalls, shops, and strangely grotesque marriage halls, one does not dwell in the highway. The speed of the highway is such that it passes as a blur of non-destinations. Embedded as only speed or velocity between cities, the highway beckons a dromosphere of the landscape. Velocity has that capacity, to make us dwell only in speed and our destination.

I have travelled this highway for a few years now on a near daily basis, to my university in an industrial satellite town of Delhi. Earlier in the year, I encountered another speed on this same highway, provided by the Farmers’ protests that started here in November 2020. The protests arose in response to three bills introduced by the current government that ease restrictions for private players to function in the country’s agrarian markets. After protesting locally for a few months, farmers from the agrarian state of Punjab marched towards Delhi (the national capital) as a form of protest.

The farmers’ protests in Delhi today can remind one of what is known as the Salt March, when on March 12, 1930 Mahatma Gandhi walked 390 kilometers from the Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi to produce salt from sea water in a non-violent act of civil disobedience to protest the British government’s salt monopoly in India….

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