Mahesh Chitnis – Landslide lessons: Kinnaur villagers vow to protect their hills from hydro projects

A massive landslide that struck National Highway number 5 near Nigulsari of Kinnaur district on August 11 killed at least 23 people and several people are still believed to be trapped under debris. Teams from National Disaster Response Force, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, and other agencies are engaged in rescue operations. The increasing incidence of landslides have brought back focus on the delicate ecology of the region and the locals’ opposition to the mega power projects, which experts say is one of the reasons for such incidents.

Some residents of Kinnaur district have been protesting against the hydro projects, road constructions for more than 15 years claiming that due to such constructions, they are losing their lands, houses, livelihood, and culture. Here is the story of the local people…

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