Vanessa Andreotti: If we lose the Amazon, our world will lose its future

Brazil is voting to legalize the destruction of the Amazon forest and the extermination of Indigenous peoples, the forest’s last line of defense.    It is not just the people of Brazil who will suffer in the face of their government’s smartly coordinated attack on humanity’s future. All of us, across the world, are set to suffer the consequences of the tragedy unfolding before us in the Amazon. You may be asking, ‘Why should I care?’ In a world of competing crises, it’s certainly a fair question. But the future of the Amazon rainforest must be a priority – if we lose it, we lose our future.

Proposed legislation and a landmark case in Brazil’s highest court would remove laws that protect the Amazon rainforest and many other ecologically sensitive areas, and would also have a severely detrimental effect on the rights of Indigenous peoples. The government plans to open the Amazon and other protected areas to predatory mining, logging and farming….

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