Special Double number – Mainstream, February 2022 / Om Thanvi: Photos of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara's visit to India

Letter to the Readers, Mainstream Feb 19-26, 2022

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Che Guevara interviewed for All India Radio by Bhanumathy Rao, 1959

Hasta siempre Commandante

Photos: When Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara visited India

Playwright Arthur Miller after the reversal of his conviction for contempt on refusing to name alleged Communist writers to House Un-American Activities Committee in Aug 1958

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Caricature: Sandhya Mukherjee (1931-2022) | Jayaraj Vellur

Artwork: Mother and Child (14 Feb 2022) | Sagari Chhabra

Photo of Che Guevara being interviewed by Bhanumathy Rao in New Delhi

Advertisement: Bombay Cinema Stars fly CSA for 1960 Karlovy Vary Festival

Video: Mercedes Sosa – Gracias A La Vida

Video: Edward Said’s “The Idea of Empire” feat Eqbal Ahmad (1993)