The American Judiciary is 'pro-life' and loves guns. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

January 6 wasn’t the end of the fascist revolt against democracy. We’re watching democracy be taken away not by Proud Boys waving batons, but by conservative justices who hide their grotesque anti-democratic views behind the trappings of the Supreme Court.   The end of Roe v. Wade: American democracy is collapsing  Judges appointed by popular vote-losing presidents used a stolen Supreme Court seat to overturn the people’s will… Donald Trump may be out of office, but his stubby misogynist fingers are still grabbing Americans by the pussy. Any hope that the reaction to the leaked draft decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health would shame the Republicans on the Supreme Court into not overturning Roe v. Wade was crushed on Friday morning.

Justice Samuel Alito – a human-shaped incel forum crammed into an itchy judicial robe – was determined to make these words the public record: “The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled.” As many who watch the Supreme Court closely suspected, it now appears all but certain that the draft decision was probably leaked by a conservative trying to pressure Chief Justice John Roberts into joining the majority opinion. That pressure, if that’s what it was, worked. The decision to strip every American with a working uterus of basic human rights was a 6-3 majority decision. Alito, who wrote the majority opinion, was appointed by George W. Bush, but make no mistake: This decision will long be remembered as Trump’s legacy….

New Supreme Court Ruling Gives Gun Lobby ‘Just What It Paid For’

The NRA has spent big in recent years to fill state and federal courts—including the Supreme Court—with judges that are hostile to gun regulations. In 2017, the gun lobby dropped $1 million on ads supporting former President Donald Trump’s nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch, a successful campaign that it repeated in subsequent years to ensure the confirmation of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

All three of those judges—along with Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts—supported Justice Clarence Thomas’ new majority opinion invalidating New York’s century-old restrictions on the concealed carry of firearms in public. The law required those applying for permits to carry guns outside the home to demonstrate “proper cause” to do so;…

the US supreme court on Thursday voted 6-3 in favor of more people getting shot. More formally, they voted to strike down a New York law that restricted the ability of people to carry guns outside of their homes. Experts say it is the most consequential second amendment ruling in more than a decade, and it will make it much harder for states and cities to prevent their citizens from roaming around town armed and ready for shootouts like so many cowboys in Deadwood. One thing that is safe to say is that, as a result of this decision, more Americans will die violent deaths – with freedom!…

“In the centre of the counter revolution stood the judiciary” – (The counter revolution) ‘…tried many forms and devices, but soon learned that it could come to power only with the help of the state machine and never against it… the Kapp Putsch of 1920 and the Hitler Pustch of 1923 had proved this.. In the centre of the counter revolution stood the judiciary. Unlike administrative acts, which rest on considerations of convenience and expediency, judicial decisions rest on law, that is on right and wrong, and they always enjoy the limelight of publicity. Law is perhaps the most pernicious of all weapons in political struggles, precisely because of the halo that surrounds the concepts of right and justice… ‘Right’, Hocking has said, ‘is psychologically a claim whose infringement is met with a resentment deeper than the injury would satisfy, a resentment that may amount to passion for which men will risk life and property as they would never do for an expediency’. When it becomes ‘political’, justice breeds hatred and despair among those it singles out for attack. Those whom it favours, on the other hand, develop a profound contempt for the very value of justice, they know that it can be purchased by the powerful. As a device for strengthening one political group at the expense of others, for eliminating enemies and assisting political allies, law then threatens the fundamental convictions upon which the tradition of our civilization rests…: Franz Neumann, Behemoth, The Structure and Practice of National Socialism; (repub 1963, p 27). A pdf file may be read here.