Report that FBI sought nuclear documents sharpens Trump showdown with Justice Department

A report that FBI agents searched for classified documents related to nuclear weapons at Donald Trump’s Florida resort could explain the urgency of the unprecedented operation at the home of an ex-President and takes his showdown with the Justice Department to a grave new level.

The account in The Washington Post could also undercut Republican lawmakers, who didn’t wait for details of the case before criticizing a search they claimed was more typical of a tyrannical state. The latest development also further ups the stakes of an escalating legal battle after Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday called the former commander-in-chief’s bluff and, in an unusual move, asked a court to unseal the search warrant and inventory of property taken from Trump’s home.

The details in the Post report came on yet another extraordinary day that reprised the chaos and recriminations of Trump’s presidency, and carved acrimonious new political divides ahead of the former President’s likely run for the White House

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