U.S. v. Donald Trump: What comes after FBI raid? I know one thing: Be afraid


The Department of Justice is now formally investigating Donald Trump for serious possible, crimes including violating the Espionage Act and obstruction of justice in connection to his unlawful possession of top secret and highly classified materials.

During a court-ordered search of his Mar-a-Lago resort and home last week, the FBI retrieved 11 sets of classified documents that, according to some reports, may include information about “nuclear weapons.” Donald Trump had more than a year to return these documents and did not do so. One of his attorneys apparently misrepresented the facts when informing the Justice Department that all the classified documents in Donald Trump’s possession had been returned in June.  

This is the first time in American history that a former president has been under criminal investigation, let alone for serious federal crimes. That is to be expected, given that Trump represents a unique and singular danger to American democracy and society.

Predictably, Trump has made numerous false or misleading statements about the FBI investigation, claiming that he is innocent, that evidence was “planted” to incriminate him, that his home was “raided” and “under siege” by the FBI and that he is being victimized as part of a “conspiracy” by the “deep state” and other sinister forces who are desperate to stop his return to power….


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