Now Israel is Occupying the Hearts of Lovers in the Palestinian West Bank


Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – In a creepy policy out of a Kafka or Joseph Heller novel, Israeli authorities have decreed that if a foreign visitor to the Palestinian West Bank develops a romantic relationship with a local Palestinian, they must report the relationship to the military Occupation authorities within 30 days. So reports the BBC, based on official Israeli documents.

It was inevitable that the day would come when the massive Israeli colonial apparatus, which journalist Michael Jansen called “the stalker state,” would finally occupy the human heart itself.

Further, if a foreign resident marries a Palestinian, the two must leave the West Bank after 27 months for at least six months, which the Israeli authorities characterize as a “cooling off period.” The Israeli military Occupation regime often refuses to allow foreign spouses of Palestinians to reside in the West Bank, in an obvious attempt to force these families abroad — one of many policies Israel enacts aiming at encouraging a Palestinian exodus out of the West Bank.

Note that foreigners who marry Israeli Jews (which they have to do abroad because the rabbis would never allow it) face no similar residency restrictions….