‘There is nothing for us’: Pakistan’s flood homeless start to despair

Hundreds of thousands of homes are under water in Sindh province. Locals have no food and say the state has abandoned them

by Shah Meer Baloch in Dadu

After several attempts, Zameer Ali, his son and his brother were finally heaved on to the deck of a wooden boat. Early that morning, the exhausted 48-year-old had waded out of his home with his relatives near the city of Khairpur Nathan Shah in Pakistan’s Sindh province to look for their livestock. As the water around them got deeper, they were forced to swim for six hours, using a bamboo stick for support, and had tired quickly.

“We held on to the electricity tower and waited for someone to help,” Ali said from onboard the boat. “We screamed our hearts out for help … When no one stopped to help, I felt we would die.” This area of Sindh’s Dadu district is indistinguishable from a lake, with water stretching as far as the eye can see. His house, like hundreds of thousands of houses in the area, has been submerged….