Dare you to condemn Godse: Kunal Kamra’s letter to VHP after show gets cancelled

Comedian Kunal Kamra’s scheduled show in Haryana’s Gurugram was called off following protests by the right-wing organisation Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) Kamra was slated to perform for his gig on September 17 and 18 at Studio Xo Bar, however, it was ordered to be cancelled after the VHP filed a complaint with Gurugram’s district commissioner.

The VHP strongly objected to Kamra’s gigs, accusing him of mocking Hindu gods and goddesses. Following this, the authorities cancelled his show, titled Kunal Kamra Live, to prevent any tension and clashes that may arise.

Comedian Kunal Kamra’s show cancelled in Gurugram after right-wing protests

Following the cancellation of his show, the 33-year-old comedian filed a reply to the Hindutva group. Kamra issued his response to the VHP under a letterhead titled — So-called comedian Kunal Kamra.

In his letter, the standup comedian asked the group to present a video or a clip wherein he had insulted Hinduism or Hindu gods and goddesses. He underlined, in the letter addressed to the VHP, that he did not deem it necessary to give a test of his relationship with God or his take on religion.

Maintaining his stance that he had never ridiculed religion and merely took jibes at the government, Kamra wrote that he would refrain from using Vishwa (universe) in the VHP as the group does not represent the Hindu community absolutely or exhaustively…


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