Protests in Russia against mobilisation – in pictures

NB: The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a popular protest against war. It began spontaneously on International Women’s Day, February 23 (March 8); and was led by women. Soldiers of the Petrograd 66,000 strong garrison refused orders to shoot the protesters, leading to the collapse of the Tsarist regime and the emergence of the Petrograd Soviet. Today war resisters are being forced to become soldiers and cannon-fodder for the maniac Putin. This is a sign of desperation and an occasion for justified mutiny. I salute the Russian people resisting this regime’s brutal war-mongering. DS

Hundreds of people have been detained in Moscow and St Petersburg during fresh protests against a mobilisation call by the Russian president. Military reservists were called up as Moscow-held regions of Ukraine prepared to hold annexation referendums this week, raising the stakes in the seven-month conflict

A man is arrested in the Russian capital
Photograph: Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images

Russia protests: more than 1,300 arrested at anti-war demonstrations

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