The west’s cruelty to migrants will only grow more inhuman. Don’t let the nightmare peddlers win

Mohsin Hamid

In the United States, the Republican governors of Texas, Florida and Arizona are bussing and flying migrants from their states to states governed by Democrats. In the United Kingdom, the government plans to deport migrants to holding facilities in Rwanda, an authoritarian country 4,000 miles to the south, which only a generation ago experienced one of the worst genocides in recent human history.

In one wealthy country after another, migrants are being made into a spectacle, both for domestic political advantage and to deter other migrants from attempting to come.

These efforts at deterrence are unlikely to work. Thousands of migrants are already robbed, raped and murdered every year as they attempt to flee from countries where conditions have become intolerable. They are willing to sacrifice their physical safety and the entirety of their financial resources for the chance – not even for the likelihood, but just for the chance – of a better life….