The scientists working to defeat Parkinson’s disease

Ian Sample

Parkinson’s was first described in medical texts more than 200 years ago, yet there is still no cure. It’s a common condition, particularly in the over-50s. About 1 in 37 people in the UK will be diagnosed at some point in their life. Existing drugs aim to manage patients’ symptoms, rather than slow down or stop the condition’s progression. But scientists have made progress in understanding the neurodegenerative disorder. The hope now is that gamechanging therapies are finally on the horizon.

“Parkinson’s is a hugely complex condition and there’s probably no single cure,” says Katherine Fletcher, a research communications manager at Parkinson’s UK. “It’s the progressive loss of dopamine-producing cells in the brain. If you want to slow or stop the condition, you somehow need to protect those cells or maybe even regrow those cells in the brain. That is the ultimate goal.”…