Just me and the Sky: The man who fell 24 miles

By Alasdair Howorth

After six years of preparation, struggle and sacrifice, Felix Baumgartner found himself quite literally on the edge of the world. “I’m standing there on top of the world outside of a capsule in space and in the stratosphere. I looked around the sky above me was completely black,” Baumgartner told CNN Sport’s Patrick Snell as he reflected on his Red Bull Stratos freefall in October 2012, as he looked at Earth from a vantage point of 127,852 feet (some 24 miles/39 kilometers).


“I was really trying to inhale that moment,” added Baumgartner.

And with more that eight million people watching on YouTube, the Austrian daredevil uttered those famous words: “Sometimes you have to go up to understand how small you are. I’m coming home now.”…


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