Mahua Moitra asks why convicted rapists and murderers in the Bilkis Bano case were granted parole prior to remission of their sentences

NB: This is justice under the BJP/RSS Modi regime, brutal, shameless, and blatantly partisan. If you complain, you will be labelled anti-national. The impunity enjoyed by criminals is the most glaring example of the approach that might is right. It was said of the Sophists of ancient Greece that they ‘taught, rather publicly, the view that the summit of happiness is to combine the appearance of justice with actual injustice‘. Gregory McBrayer, (Companion to Leo Strauss on Classical Political Thought; Leiden, 2015). Here’s a little primer on Evil

Nothing has changed in 25 centuries. This government cultivates the most vicious sentiments as a means of holding on to power. All its apologists should examine their consciences, why does it please you to humiliate others? You spread evil and unhappiness like a fungus in society, why does this seem ‘patriotic’ to you? A sad fate awaits us all. May God have mercy on your souls. DS

The Gujarat government on Monday told the Supreme Court that the 11 convicts completed their 14 years in prison. Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra said each of them got ‘ridiculously high’ parole of 4 years making their jail term of only 10 years. Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, who is one of the petitioners in the Supreme Court against the release of the 11 rapists of Bilkis Bano, raised three points joining the chorus of the opposition — after the Gujarat government informed the Supreme Court how the decision was taken.

The Gujarat government said the Union home ministry approved the remission of the 11 convicts in July this year, while the proposal of their release was opposed by the CBI, the superintendent of Police, Special Crime Branch, Mumbai and the Special Civil Judge (CBI), City Civil and Sessions Court, Greater Bombay.

Indians can see for the first time how and who allowed 11 rapists and killers to walk free prematurely, Mahua Moitra said condemning how the Centre gave its nod when the CBI, the CBI special judge said ‘NO’. “Don’t need any locus standi to tell right from wrong,” Mahua Moitra tweeted countering the Gujarat government’s claim in the Supreme Court that the petitioners challenging the remission are nothing but an interloper and a busybody,

The MP raised 3 questions over the entire process: 1. Why did the Centre and the Gujarat bypass the CBI and the courts’ decline? 2. Why did the Centre give bulk remission clearance to all 11 instead of going case by case? 3. Why each of the convicts got “ridiculously high” parole 4 years each? They served an average of only 10 years in jail, the Trinamool MP pointed out.

The Gujarat government on Monday told the Supreme Court that the convicts were released as they completed 14 years in prison and their behaviour was found to be good. It said it has suitable orders from the home ministry in favour of the grant of remission.

Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi slammed the Narendra Modi government following the revelation and said it is a stain on the government’s legacy. “Talk of respect for women from the ramparts of the Red Fort but in reality support for ‘rapists’,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted. The Supreme Court will hear petitions against the remission of the 11 rapists on November 29.

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