Gujarat bridge collapse: anger grows over cover-up claims

Amrit Dhillon 

Anger is growing in India over allegations that corruption was responsible for the collapse of a bridge in Morbi in Gujarat leaving 135 people dead, amid claims that a cover-up is under way to shield those responsible.

The bridge snapped in two on Sunday evening when families were out enjoying the evening air over the river. Many of those standing in the middle of the bridge when it collapsed plunged into the river and drowned, while others at both ends of the bridge, closer to the banks, died from the impact of falling on to the stones and boulders below.

Indians have been dismayed to discover that the Gujarat government, ruled by the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), gave the contract for repairing the 100-year-old suspension bridge to a local company called Oreva.

Oreva makes watches, clocks and lighting. There is no evidence of it having any experience of bridge repairs or infrastructure. Nor is any mentioned on its website….