Apocalypse in the rear-view mirror

Magdalena Taube

Krystian Woznicki

The planet, as authoritarian capitalism’s plaything, is subject to real-world economic-ecological downward spirals. And yet exorbitant space exploration projects continue to build escapist dreams on extractivism. And the threat of nuclear war continues to push at the limits of tenuous environmental stability.

Earthrise reloaded

When the Tesla Gigafactory opened in Brandenburg, Elon Musk faced the press. The RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg Television), for example, wanted to know where he stood on the threat to groundwater in the region. Musk: ‘This region has so much water, look around. There is water everywhere here, does it look like a desert to you?’

Later, Musk demanded that the station edit out the question, as if he also wanted to give an answer to all those in Brandenburg who believe that here, in this region transformed from coal mining to smart post-extractivism, it’s not ‘a flourishing landscape’ that’s emerging but ‘a desert’…..