‘It’s so liberating’: The people quitting social media

By Suzanne Bearne

When Gayle Macdonald reached a summit in Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range earlier this year, she didn’t just stop and take in the moment. Instead, the 45-year-old did what a great many people would do – she looked for the best spot to take a selfie for her social media accounts. Gayle even admits that she moved dangerously close to the edge while doing so.

It was after that moment, for which she was berated by her husband, that she decided to quit social media. “I was like, ‘this has got to stop,'” recalls Gayle, a British expat who lives near the Spanish city of Granada. “Taking a photo was previously the first thing I thought about when I got out of the car.

“Thinking all the time about creating content, and worrying about what to say, was taking up too much headspace and getting me down.”…