To those who sneer at activists blocking roads: what are you doing to save the planet?

Polly Toynbee

NB: The planet needs no saving, Ms Polly, it’s not in danger. Its the environment that we need to save, from ourselves. DS

Just Stop Oil protesters this week are climbing gantries on the M25, blocking the Dartford tunnel, causing long delays and getting arrested in droves. Meanwhile the public order bill that would crack down on disruptive protests has been passed by MPs and is now being read in the House of Lords. The Lords should throw out this despicable piece of legislation.

It’s curious how all those on the right who call themselves libertarians and claim to care about freedom from the state’s oppressive regulations (many of which keep water, air and food safe) are in favour of a bill that seeks to imprison people with bike locks, or anything harmless that could be used in protest. A prison sentence of 51 weeks beckons for “causing a public nuisance” – not harm, hurt or injury….