Rahul Gandhi’s Uniting India March: Ignored by media but welcomed by social groups

The Bharat Jodo Yatra, or the United India March, launched by the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, is getting a tremendous response. It is as if the people were waiting for such an event to reaffirm their trust and faith in the composite Indian nationalism. Indian nationalism has been undermined during the last few decades in general and the last few years in particular. While the national media and major TV channels are ignoring the march, social media is partly compensating for that by putting across clips and pictures of people of all age groups associating with the march. 

The response is mainly due to the undermining of what has been the “Idea of India’ of our freedom fighters, the response is due to the blatant bypassing of the values of the Indian Constitution which underline equality on one hand and the state’s obligation to reduce the economic gaps between rich and poor on the other. The Constitution also outlines the role of the State in promoting scientific temper, which has been given a go-by during last some time. Read more at: