Struggles for democracy and human rights in South Asia: Taking forward Asma Jahangir’s legacy

Ironically, the late Asma Jahangir’s last public appearance and speech were at a demonstration led by Pashteen in Islamabad, February 2018, against the extrajudicial killing of a Pashtun youth in a ‘police encounter’ in Karachi in January 2018. The protest marked the launch of the PTM. Jahangir passed away just days later at her home in Lahore. Since then, Pakistan’s mainstream media has all but blacked out this ‘social media-powered, youth-led movement’. No one takes responsibility.

Despite the change of government, even as politicians accuse former prime minister Imran Khan “for his tight media control”, Pashteen remains off-limits as a television guest, commented senior journalist Hamid Mir who hosts the popular Capital Talk on Geo TV. The detention of Butler and the case against Pashteen are ironic given their links to a conference aimed at taking forward the legacy of the iconic human rights advocate Asma Jahangir….