I too quit Twitter this week – and have never been more relieved

Bidisha Mamata

Last month, Elon Musk walked into Twitter and then all the good people left. I quit, too. It was a time-sink, a brain drain and an eye strain. In 12 years, I gained nothing, while witnessing peers and colleagues at their worst. Oh, the bliss of not turning every little thing into a quip. The delight of dealing with reality in the moment, like a grownup, instead of running to tell teacher about every unpleasant incident. Truly, you don’t realise that something is pointless, negative and colonising your brain until it’s gone.

My worst Twitter experience happened after I went to the cinema one day. A regular cinema trip, not a private screening for colleagues. Unbeknown to me, a well-known media guy and the creator of a much-loved TV show about hapless, but good-hearted men was also there. He was, and is, a total stranger. Later, he tweeted me, saying he’d spotted me and asking what I thought of the film. I answered politely but the incident and its red flag bothered me for ages.

Social media platforms may rise and fall but unwanted, creepy stalker, boundary-violating behaviour from “nice guys” is clearly – sadly – eternal….


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