China protests: authorities call for crackdown on ‘hostile forces’

NB: The Chinese Communist Party considers protesting citizens to be ‘hostile forces’! The only hostile force in China today is your totalitarian tyranny comrades, and it looks like the Chinse people have had enough of it. And as some of their posters are asking: by foreign forces do you mean Marx and Engels? By the way, two years ago RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat declared his admiration for the arrogance of the PRC rulers: he could think again. DS

China has sent university students home and flooded streets with police in an attempt to disperse the most widespread anti-government protests in decades, as the country’s top security body called for a crackdown on “hostile forces”. In an apparent effort to tackle anger at the zero-Covid policies that originally sparked the protests, authorities also announced plans to step up vaccination of older people.

Such a move is a vital precursor to loosening controls without mass deaths or overwhelming the health system in a country where there is almost no natural immunity to Covid, after nearly three years of trying to eliminate the virus….

Following protests at the weekend, Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University, the alma mater of China’s leader, Xi Jinping, was among several universities to send students home and move classes and exams online, officially on the grounds that there had been a Covid outbreak. Police gathered in large numbers in squares and roads across China where protests had been held, and have put up barriers, including in Shanghai’s Urumqi Road, named for the capital of the Xinjiang region.

The death of 10 people in a fire in Urumqi city was one of the triggers for the protests, amid claims they had been locked into their homes under Covid control rules. Originally centred on calls to end harsh controls, the protests morphed into broader demands including for democracy, and for Xi to step down.