Kanye’s tragicomic, antisemitic Alex Jones meltdown: Absurdism in the service of fascism

Fascism thrives on gruesome caricature — and it’s tough to beat a pro-Trump Black rapper praising Adolf Hitler


On Thursday afternoon my editor asked me what thoughts I might have about the vile quarter of American humanity that includes Kanye West, Donald Trump, Nick Fuentes and now apparently the conspiracy theorist and podcaster Alex Jones

I told him I really had nothing to offer because the whole matter is sad and deeply unpleasant. Ye, as he now styles himself, is mentally unwell, and his behavior is a cry for help. He appears to be mentally decompensating, and serves as a case study in the intersection of racism and health care and how mental illness is often misdiagnosed and untreated in the Black community.

But just because something is sad and tragic and pathetic does not make it less important or dangerous. This is especially true in moments of crisis such as the one America faces in the Age of Trump and beyond. Escaping that dream-nightmare demands a deep familiarity with its horrors if one hopes to exorcise them. We must not and should not look away….