‘We need to be braver’: young naturalists on the world beyond Cop15

Birdwatchers Mya, Arjun and Kabir have grown up seeing the effects of wildlife decline. They talk about what inspires them, their hopes for future action and how everyone can connect with the nature on their doorstep

More than 300 young people from around the world are gathering in Montreal for a two-day youth summit ahead of the Cop15 UN biodiversity conference. Here, three young naturalists in the UK tell the Guardian about their favourite wildlife experiences, as well as their hopes – and concerns – for Cop15 and beyond. Mya and Arjun, who feature in a new Guardian documentary, Skyward, which follows the daily life of the two young birdwatchers, and Kabir, another young naturalist from the UK, are fascinated by the natural world but are also alarmed at its decline….