The Sun will protect Jeremy Clarkson. Who will protect women who suffer violence every day?

Women are sexually assaulted on a daily basis. Rape Crisis has reported that one in four women is raped or sexually assaulted as an adult; in March 2022, 70,330 rape cases were reported to the police. According to the charity, 618,000 women are raped or sexually assaulted every year. The criminal justice system consistently fails to protect us from these brutal forms of terrorism.

NB: Clarkson and his following + the readers of the British gutter press hated Megan Markle for arriving in Britain; now they hate her for leaving their sacred shores. Proved her point, Jeremy, didn’t it? DS

VV Brown

It was 7pm. I finished the bedtime routine with my daughters, kissed them gently and shut the door. I took myself to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and within seconds burst into floods of tears. The physical memories of humiliation and sexual trauma from being raped when I was 21 flooded back – all because I had read an article written by Jeremy Clarkson in the Sun.

Over the years, many have spoken about Clarkson and his bigoted, contrarian opinions. It seems that in writing an article suggesting Meghan Markle ought to meet a misogynistic fate that was depicted in Game of Thrones, and be paraded down the street while people throw excrement at her, he has tripped over his own caricature. What’s worse is that many men and even some women have praised this despicable behaviour….