Mainstream Double issue, December 31 2022

Letter to the Readers, Mainstream, Dec 24 & Dec 31, 2022

Indian Economy & Banking Under the Sway of Global Capital | Arun Kumar

Not Rooted in Public Culture, Hindutva is a Lone Militant | Radhakanta Barik

Spread of 2020-21 Farmers Agitation in Haryana | Jaglan & Rajeshwari

Bharat Jod Yatra is Evocative of the Spirit of Dandi March of 1930 | S N Sahu

Can The Congress Again Become – A Common Man’s Party? | Papri Sri Raman

From Babri Mosque to Ram Temple: Historical perspective | Ram Puniyani

The issue of Appointment of Vice Chancellors in Karnataka | Prof Jayaramu

Kaifi’s Song Stalks Modi | Jawed Naqvi

Good Governance: A Common Man’s Perception | S K Saidapur

In the Name of Holy Cow – Photo Essay | Raza & Haider

A Rainbow Against Fear | Humra Quraishi

‘Veterans for Peace’ Call for Ceasefire & De-escalation | Bharat Dogra

Hockey, Friendship and Partition | Sara Arshad

Is Cuban Family Code a Trendsetter? | Chathukulam & Gonzalez

Women shouldnt have to go through hell to give birth | Esan & Oyama

Asia & the Pacific: Democratic erosion impact on climate change fix | Mike Runey




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