Brazil: A dangerous cocktail of violence and lies

Philipp Lichterbeck

Repairing the physical damage following the rampage of the Bolsonarist fanatics will likely cost millions, which will have to come from Brazil’s taxpayers. The harm done to Brazil’s democracy and to the country’s collective psyche, however, is far greater. A fanatical and violent minority went on a rampage in the capital, Brasilia, on camera. While the liberal media are now calling those responsible by name — “golpistas, criminosos, terroristas,” (“coup plotters, criminals, terrorists“) — others are still cozying up to Bolsonarism. It’s all about ratings, clicks, likes and, of course, a lot of money.

The biggest mouthpiece of Bolsonarism, the radio broadcaster Jovem Pan, performed several astounding rhetorical pirouettes to somehow justify the acts of the criminals in Brasilia, referring to those that stormed government buildings as concerned citizens. There was talk of the “people” showing their will — conveniently ignoring that the people had already shown their will on October 30 with the election of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as president…