Germany: Police, coal protesters face off in Lützerath

German police warned they would not allow their officers to be targeted with violence amid growing tensions with climate protesters in the condemned village of Lützerath on Monday.

The village is set to be swallowed up by the local coal mine, run by Germany’s energy giant RWE. But organizations such as the Last Generation and Fridays for Future oppose the plan. Hundreds of protesters are now squatting in the area, with scuffles with police breaking out over the weekend. Police were reportedly pelted with stones, attacked with paint, and police vehicles were damaged.

Police say officers should not be ‘patsies’

On Monday afternoon, a court confirmed that the order to clear the village was “presumably valid,” dealing a serious blow to environmental activists. Police are likely to start the clearance operation on Wednesday. Before that, a final informational meeting is scheduled for tomorrow with the protesters….