‘Only place we’ve ever known’: As Joshimath crumbles, the displaced demand ‘fair compensation’


Joshimath: The land below their feet sinking, helpless residents of Joshimath town were gathered in front of the battered Malari Inn hotel for a second consecutive day of protests Wednesday. They were demanding “fair compensation” for being driven out of their homes and possibly the town itself. 

Tensions between the displaced residents on the one side, and the state and district administration on the other, peaked as the two groups negotiated over a suitable compensation package. During a meeting Wednesday morning, aggrieved home owners jostled to have their voices heard, their frustration palpable. 

“We want a one-time payment that will satisfy all our needs. This means at least Rs 5 lakh in interim relief,” said one resident during the meeting. Another piped in, “Several families have settled in Joshimath from their native villages. But for some of us here, Joshimath is our native place, and the only place we have ever known. The others can resettle in their villages, but what about us?”….