The Just. By Jorge Luis Borges

A man who cultivates his garden, as Voltaire wished.
He who is grateful for the existence of music.

He who takes pleasure in tracing an etymology.
Two workmen playing, in a café in the South, a silent game of chess.

The potter, contemplating a color and a form.
The typographer who sets this page well, though it may not please him.

A woman and a man, who read the last tercets of a certain canto.
He who strokes a sleeping animal.

He who justifies, or wishes to, a wrong done him.
He who is grateful for the existence of a Stevenson.

He who prefers others to be right.
These people, unaware, are saving the world.

The Just

‎’Borges seems to be saying that more mysterious and magical than dreams or other worlds are the voices and words of our loved ones; beauty is a daily revelation, and happiness, the intelligence of understanding and recognition. Borges has become our classic voice of wonder’ – Julio Ortega