One nation, one version

Truth, and the memory of truth, are public enemy number one for authoritarian governments today. The most relentless Swachh Bharat programme has been a campaign against Sachh Bharat.

Mitali Saran

The guiding principle of the Modi government is ‘If you can’t fix it, bury it.’ Information is power, so suck up as much of it as you can, keep it to yourself, do your best not to let anyone else have any, and reshape or discredit as necessary any that does make it out into the world. Sit on NSSO unemployment data until after an election, don’t release the yearly National Crime Records Bureau statistics, omit to show on the PM’s website that he spent much more time making election speeches than on attending Parliament, and take down an expert report on the subsidence in Joshimath….

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‘They were taught a lesson in 2002’ – Union Home Minister said the same thing as the BBC, no?