PIL against Vice President, Law minister, for ‘no faith’ in Constitution

By Vidya 

The Bombay Lawyers Association approached the Bomby High Court with a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar and Union Law minister Kiren Rijiju saying they should be discharged from their duties because they have shown a “lack of faith” in the Constitution. The lawyer group said the VP and Kiren Rijiju launched a “frontal attack” on the judicial institution.

It said the VP and the law minister “insulted the Supreme Court using derogatory language”. The petition pointed out remarks made by the two against the collegium system as well as the doctrine of basic structure and called it “unbecoming behaviour”. The plea also made VP Jagdeep Dhankar and law minister Kiren Rijiju respondents. The plea said that the two holding constitutional posts is “lowering the majesty of the Supreme Court in the eyes of the public”….