You saw a new Rahul Gandhi in Parliament. I saw the change in Kashmir


This week the country saw a new Rahul Gandhi. Unlike his solo and strident attack on the Rafale scam before the 2019 Lok sabha election, his interrogation of PM Narendra Modi’s complicity in the Adani affair was at once sharper and calmer. This was not a piece of classical oratory. But he took on the BJP hecklers with a refreshing self-assurance that he had the facts of the case, his own party and the public to back him. Notwithstanding the ham-handed attempts by the darbari media to hush up this international scandal, it is already clear that the charge of Adani-Modi nexus is going to travel a long way.

I had seen this new Rahul Gandhi earlier. If you want a date, I would name 30th of January, the concluding function of the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Srinagar. “There is a 90 percent chance of rain or snow during the final public meeting,” Rahul Gandhi’s close associate KB Byju had informed me a couple of days ago. And how right the forecast was. Srinagar was already freezing cold. Heavy snow had started in the early hours of the day. By the time we reached the Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium, we were walking through snow, slush and mud to reach the podium. As if on cue, bigger and faster snowflakes started descending as the meeting began….