Wilhelm Reich’s classic essay: Listen, Little Man! (1945)

The author forcefully points out that the price of quiescence is tyranny, war, and a distorted and deprived sexual life, and he exhorts the average man and woman to assume a personal responsibility for themselves and their children. Supplemented in this edition by William Steig’s humurous drawings, Listen Little Man! bears witness to Reich’s unceasing and passionate search for a means of establishing society on an authentic basis of love, work and knowledge…He who fights for the safeguarding of the living and the protection of our children must needs be against the red as well as the black Fascist. Not because today the red Fascist, like the black Fascist before him, has a murderous ideology, but because he turns lively and healthy children into cripples, robots and moral idiots; because with him, the state comes before right, the lie before truth, war before life; because the child, and the safeguarding of the living in the child, remains our only hope.. (From the Introduction).

From the text:

‘They call you ‘Little Man’, ‘Common Man’; they say a new era has begun, the ‘Era of the Common Man’. It isn’t you  who says so, Little Man. It is they, the Vice Presidents of great nations, promoted labor leaders, repentant sons of bourgeois families, statesmen and philosophers. They give you your future but don’t ask about your past. You are heir to a dreadful past. Your heritage is a burning diamond in your hand. That’s what I tell you..’

Read the entire essay: http://www.arvindguptatoys.com/arvindgupta/listenlittleman.pdf

Reich was persecuted in the USA, and his books and papers burned in New York in 1956. He died in prison in 1957

Gandhi’s Assassin. By Dhirendra K Jha