Arun Kumar: Articles and discussions on the economy, budget, electoral bonds and Adani Affair

Links to some select recent articles, discussions and interviews on the above topics. 

Long Article on unravelling real intention of the Budget in Mainstream Weekly 

Panel discussion on Adani Affair `The Hindenburg Expose: Implications for the Country’ 

Panel Discussion on the Union Budget organised by GSDS

Discussion on important questions Adani should answer in program by Arfa Khanam  

Article on Budget’s long term in the Leaflet

Short Article on what the Budget camouflages in the Wire 

Article on Pre Budget analysis: Policy Change that is needed, in the Wire

Pre Budget discussion on Aaj Tak channel

Panel Discussion on Pre-Budget expectations in NDTV

Panel discussion on Ambani affair on Mojo

Article on Electoral Bonds no Solution to Black Money financing of elections, in The Leaflet

Interview on growing Inequality in the context of the OXFAM Report in the Wire

Article on Decline in Inflation, no Comfort for the Majority, in the Wire

Interview on why demonetization hurt democracy, in Livelaw

Article on SC decision on Demonetization misses the point. In the Leaflet

Panel discussion on demonetization on India Today TV

Challenges of Marginalized Indian Rural Economy

Discussion in Hindi on Demonetization on 4PM TV Channel

Talk on steps to create employment for all in five years

RBI affidavit to SC does not reveal the discussion in the Board Meeting