Freudian trip: psychoanalyst’s London home recreated in Dublin for major film

Dalya Alberge

The north London home of Sigmund Freud is being recreated in Dublin for a major feature film in which Sir Anthony Hopkins, the Oscar-winning actor, will star as the Austrian founder of psychoanalysis. It will include the study, complete with reconstructions of his famous psychoanalytic couch and other possessions. Freud had meticulously arranged them in his suburban Hampstead house to look just like the study that he had left behind in Vienna in escaping Nazi persecution in 1938.

The film, titled Freud’s Last Session, is based on Mark St Germain’s acclaimed 2010 play of ideas, which imagines an encounter between atheist Freud and Christian CS Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Set on the eve of the second world war, the film depicts Freud as an 83-year-old Jewish refugee whose groundbreaking The Interpretation of Dreams is considered one of the most important books of the 20th century. Lewis is a 40-year-old Oxford academic, who also wrote extensively on science and its relation to Christian faith.

In the drama, they discuss every subject from the existence of God to science. Although they never actually met, their conversations are inspired by their writings….

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