Mainstream, March 25, 2023

Letter to the readers, Mainstream, March 25, 2023

India: Lurches Closer to “Opposition-Mukt Democracy”!? | Sukla Sen

Budgets 2023-24 Punjab Haryana compared | Sher Singh Sangwan

Upcoming 2023 Karnataka Assembly Elections | PS Jayaramu

Regenerating The Forest Ecosystem: Few Concerns | Suranjita Ray

Saffron Clad Babas in Odisha’s Politics | Radhakanta Barik

A Discourse on State of India’s Democracy | Arup Kumar Sen

Police Encounters – a roaring industry | Humra Quraishi

Democracy Under Threat: Can Lohia be an Answer? | Gyan Prakash

Samajwadi party chief in a make-believe world of his own | Arun Srivastava

‘They Can Exploit Only Bhagat Singh’s Emotional Quotient, Not the Ideological Quotient’ – Interview with Jagmohan Singh | Naren Singh Rao

Selected Quotes from the Writings of M N Roy

UN Panel on Climate Change – 6 Assessment Report (March 2023)

France: After Macron’s pension reform, all eyes on trade unions | Michel Wieviorka




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