Tiny Islands of Vanuatu Convince UN to seek Int’l Court Ruling on Harms of Climate Emergency


Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Vanuatu, a set of South Pacific islands, is not what you would call a prominent international player. The small country of a little over 300,000 people has nevertheless made history, according to UN News. It presented a resolution to the UN General Assembly asking the UN’s International Court of Justice to make a ruling on countries’ responsibilities to fight climate change.

Vanuatu lies due east of Australia’s Queensland. It is a nine hour flight from Canberra. The people there speak 112 different languages, but also know a pidgin that is 90% English, and many know either English or French. The British and French Empires jointly administered it in the colonial age. It was mentioned by Scottish writer and traveler Robert Louis Stephenson.

But what is most important about it nowadays is that it is one of the world’s primary victims of the climate emergency. Its seas are rising, with the danger that these islands will eventually be under water. And the upper levels of the Pacific are warming up, which makes cyclones more intense….


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