In Delhi’s Women’s Colleges, victims not perpetrators pay for harassment, say students. 1100 ex-students & teachers seek apology

Sagarika Chaudhary

Indraprastha College for Women, which is part of the Delhi University, was in the news recently after students reported that several men had entered the campus by scaling walls and made the women feel severely uncomfortable with their sloganeering, catcalling and harassment during day two of the annual fest on March 28.

Students said the men chanted slogans that went, MirandaIP dono humara!” The chant literally means ‘Miranda, IP are both ours’ but refers to the students of the two woman-only colleges.

Some students said that the men also shouted “Jai Shri Ram!”.

While day one had seen some men on campus behave loudly during the musical performance, attendants largely kept the peace. It was only on day two that crowds of men swarmed the campus and began harassing the women students.

Students say that in reaction, college administration asked day scholars to vacate the campus and women who stayed at the hostels were locked inside them. Many students said that they were petrified of finding boys inside their hostel when they were initially made to rush inside.

The fest’s activities for March 28 was later cancelled….

Ex-teachers, students seek DU college principal’s apology over harassment