Huge strikes in Germany disrupt flights and trains

By Claudia Otto and Inke Kappeler

Nationwide strikes in Germany — among its worst in decades — are causing huge disruption at the country’s airports, on public transport and at its largest port Monday. The walkouts have been called by two major transport unions in Europe’s biggest economy.

Ver.di, one of the unions, has demanded a 10.5% pay raise for its members, citing rising energy and food costs. More than 400,000 transport workers are taking part in the industrial action, according to Frank Werneke, the head of Ver.di.

Flights at eight major airports, including those in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, have been affected by the strikes. The German Airports Association has estimated that around 380,000 travelers will not be able to take off on Monday.

And some hubs such as Munich Airport closed their doors entirely, with 200,000 passengers impacted by the two-day closure at the airport that started Sunday….