Trump is one of the most successful criminals in American history

‘Lies have always been regarded as necessary and justifiable tools not only of the politician’s or the demagogue’s but also of the statesman’s trade. Why is that so? And what does it mean for the nature and the dignity of the political realm, on one side, and for the nature and the dignity of truth and truthfulness, on the other? Is it of the very essence of truth to be impotent and of the very essence of power to be deceitful? And what kind of reality does truth possess if it is powerless in the public realm..’ Hannah Arendt, Truth and politics

When I looked at Donald Trump being arraigned in New York…. that one moment when he glared at the news reporters and cameras, I saw his true self. That was the real Trump: he looked violent, enraged, and like a killer from a horror movie. As you know I use the correct moral language when discussing fascism and the likes of Trump and his movement. Trump was revealing, even more, his true evil self…


As a person ages, they become more their true self; Donald Trump has been engaging in criminal and other antisocial behavior for decades. In many ways, Trump is one of the most successful criminals in American history. Crime helped Trump to become a billionaire. Crime helped Trump to takeover the White House in 2016. Crime helped Trump to almost succeed in his Jan. 6 coup attempt and the ongoing and escalating attempts by this Republican-fascist party and MAGA and “conservative” movement to end America’s multiracial democracy.

With his indictment in New York this week, and the other more serious cases looming over him in connection to election fraud and interference, as well as stealing top secret and highly classified federal documents, this is the first time in Trump’s life that he is facing real and substantial – and potentially life-altering – consequences for his pathological and corrupt behavior…


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