First edition Shakespeare text from 1623 goes on display

A First Folio edition of William Shakespeare’s plays that was published in 1623 is being put on display.

By Yasmin Rufo

Guildhall Library will be showcasing the rare book as part of a celebration of 400 years since the book was published.

Copies of the First Folio edition were sold for between 15 shillings and one pound in 1623

Published seven years after the Bard’s death, the book contains all of his plays. Another folio edition and two smaller original copies of Henry IV Part One and Othello will also be on display.

Principal librarian of Guildhall Library, Peter Ross, told the BBC: “There were around 750 copies of the first edition printed and around 235 survive today. “Only a quarter of those copies are complete and amongst the best in the world is this one. “It’s remarkable for its completeness and quality of paper.”

He added that while the copy would remain in the library, “another copy of the first folio sold for around $10m (£8m) in October 2020″…..