‘Everything is gone’: entire Indian villages burned in ethnic violence

NB: This is the result of the relentlessly divisive politics of India’s ruling establishment. They have no principle other than ‘divide and rule.’ When sections of officialdom go along with this policy, they are doing nothing less than defile the Indian Constitution. The irreparable consequences of this policy will be felt for a long time. DS

The road to Heirokland is smooth and freshly laid, with a sign proclaiming it part of an Indian government development initiative. But ethnic violence has reduced the village itself to little more than smouldering ashes.

Sanatomba picked through the ruins of his sister’s home in the north-eastern state of Manipur, trying to salvage anything of value, but could only recover a traditional stool.

“This used to be my sister’s kitchen,” the 20-year-old said. “That was her room and she kept her TV there, the fridge there, the almirah (cupboard) for clothes there. But now everything she shared with her husband, four children and other family members is gone for ever.”…


Shielding governance failure will not resolve Manipur’s problems